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Moretti Forni Neapolis

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  • Neapolis is the new oven designed by Moretti Forni. We used all of our experience to give the highest temperature ever seen in a electric oven: 510°C.

  • Neapolis allow you to bake a pizza in less than a minute.

  • Moretti Forni gained this exceptional result thanks to 70 years of experiences in designing ovens.

  • Neapolis: the woodburing oven turns to electric. An exceptional baking instrument with a cutting-edge design that respects tradition.

  • Neapolis solves the problem of the firewood’s storage and purchase and avoid the environmental pollution cau- sed by unburnt gas.

  • Neapolis is equipped with an electronic temperature management: the pizza maker set required temperature and keep this setting for all the time needed. The new-ge- neration software of Neapolis guarantees the perfect ba- king everytime!

  • Neapolis is ready to bake: once connected to power sup- ply, you just need to switch on the smart display to set different temperature of ceiling and floor

  • Neapolis respects the environment: the front opening has designed to limit power consumption: just 6.5 kW/h to bake over 200 pizzas per hour.

  • Neapolis is made of cutting-edge materials that allows an optimal insulation and in spite of the high temperatu- res; you can touch the external surface without burning yourself.

  • 13 international patents protect Neapolis technology and it has been patented worldwide to give you a unique electric oven.

Moretti Forni Neapolis

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  • Sheet steel structure coated with high-temperature epoxy powder paint finish
  • External panelling with "post-industrial" finish 
  • “Inox Vintage” coated front panel
  • Black granite landing with slot for thermal bridge break 
  • Cast-iron oven opening  Rounded fume hood with Neapolis® design
  • Black coated stainless steel cylindrical flue 
  • Front-facing digital control panel and retractable sliding panel


  • Oven chamber made from refractory material 
  • 5.5cm thick patented slab with interchangeable 'Biscuit' cooking surface positioned on top of heating plate made from perforated refractory material
  • Resistors inserted inside the ceiling and floor perforated refractors 
  • Patented High-density dual insulation for high temperatures 
  • Insulation with heated joints and a COOL AROUND® TECHNOLOGY air space


  • Heating via bare-wire coil resistors with optimised temperature balancing 
  • Maximum temperature of 510°C 
  • Patented Self-stabilising internal deflectors situated on dome oven chamber surface to minimise leakage and ensure uniform heat distribution 
  • Electronic temperature management with independent adjustment of ceiling and floor  Continuous temperature monitoring with thermocouple  Steam draught adjustable via a manual valve


  • Removable oven chamber stainless-steel door, with increased insulation and heat-resistant handle 
  • Stainless-steel door supports 
  • Protected lighting thanks to hidden double halogen lamps 
  • Lateral refractory protection in oven chamber opening 
  • Daily power-on timer 
  • ECO-STAND BY TECHNOLOGY® for work breaks  20 customisable programs
  • Pre-set programs: temperature rises, average setting, maximum setting, heat-regulation cleaning 
  • Separate max. temperature safety device 
  • Anchoring system for lifting


  • Unheated prover with hidden controllable castor wheels 
  • Heat-regulated prover with internal lighting and hidden controllable castor wheels 
  • Additional tray holder slides for prover 
  • Heavy Duty Pack

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Manufacturer Moretti Forni S.p.A.

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